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A nice home is a place where you feel good, where you can relax and unwind. By carefully considering aesthetic aspects, functional use and the occupant in the design, Studio Jeroen creates furniture that feels good.

But why does it work so well to have custom furniture in your home, and what is the secret to beautifully designed furniture? We have listed all the secrets of a beautiful custom furniture for you.


Personal styles, objects and furniture create a unique atmosphere in which you feel most at home, and thus your home shows the personality of its occupants. With customization, you can go any way you want: you create a personal and unique home that feels and looks right for you. For example, in a custom kitchen you are free in color, shape and materials mix. And a custom closet is designed so that the layout perfectly suits your wardrobe, which, for example, consists mainly of long dresses and a large collection of shoes.


With custom furniture, you can create unity between old original elements of a home and new additions, by referencing architectural features in form, for example. Consider round soft shapes in a tabletop or kitchen island, as a nod to a style period appropriate to the home or natural surroundings.

Secret | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture
Sideboard White
Kitchen Design
Bunk Bed Plywood
Secret | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture


Sustainable living means a mix of timeless furniture and materials that don’t get bored easily making them long-lasting, the long use makes these interiors durable. In addition, sustainable living can also be achieved by using ecologically sound products such as certified wood. Custom furniture lends itself perfectly to applying a sustainable character to your home, because materials are custom sourced, extra attention can be paid to provenance and the manufacturing process.

In addition, a custom piece of furniture in a home, is unique and made specifically to your personal tastes and requirements and therefore often lasts a lifetime. The personal twist and the unique application and use of quality high quality materials will keep you enjoying your furniture for a long time.


Customization allows you to apply the most optimal solutions to unique issues. With a standard closet, you are always stuck with fixed dimensions and thus, for example, unnecessary space is lost and seams and open spaces are often created that can no longer be used.

You can also add materials in custom furniture that have multiple functions. A wall lined with felt is beautiful and also acts as a sound absorber.

Dressoir Eiken En Wit


A house with only standard furniture can also appear cluttered faster. The very mix of fixed customization combined with beautiful stand-alone furniture creates a balanced mix that feels peaceful. Balance, combined with the increased efficiency of custom solutions provides greater living enjoyment.

With custom furniture, it is also quite possible to implement certain dimensions throughout the home, such as the height of a closet wall, which creates harmony and tranquility. The same goes for materials mix: by adding custom work in the same mix of materials throughout the home, you bring balance to the entire home.


Custom furniture there is a good opportunity to hide piping, electrical cables and Internet and TV connections. So you can make the most of your computer, for example, in a custom desk. All interfering pipes and cords are neatly concealed. Elements that actually provide sight and sound are also well integrated: spotlights and LED strips can be nicely concealed and provide optimal light. And larger objects such as air conditioners, washing machines, chimney pipes and radiators can be professionally and beautifully concealed with custom work, without sacrificing their utilitarian function.

Secret | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture
Secret | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture

Working together, having a cup of coffee or a fun project?

We do not work for you, but together with you, because we believe that personal attention and involvement lead to the best result.

Would you like to exchange ideas without obligation? We like to think along with you and are happy to visit you. Leave your details or call +31 70 223 02 13.

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