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Beautiful furniture

sustainable bespoke local for companies

Your professional partner

We design and make beautiful sustainable furniture. From reception desks and desks to shop and office furnishings, we offer a unique design that stands out thanks to durable materials and high-quality finishes.

We work together with


We like to work with architectural firms, project designers and other interior design companies to make the most beautiful furniture for offices, catering, retail and education.

What we are good at

Eye for detail

A good design is indispensable for every company. The company interior is your business card; an essential part of the impression your company makes on the outside world.

What we believe in

Are you helping to build the circular economy?

Sustainability is in our fibres and that is why we already think about the impact of the materials we use during design. We like to be involved in every phase of the life of a piece of furniture and its materials, from maintain, redistribute and repair to refurbish, repurpose and recycle.

We automatically enter into the obligation to take back furniture made by us, in order to give it a new purpose. This means that we are going to look for a new place for the furniture or that we turn the cabinet into a table, for example.

Tafel Met Laptop
Restaurant Met Hout Tegen Muur
Kantoor Devider

What we help with

Creating the perfect look for your company interior

What we are proud of

We make the most beautiful furniture for you

Every day we make furniture that you can enjoy all your life and that will stand the test of time, instead of being thrown away for the latest trend.

Business | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture

Watching TV with an oriental touch

Business | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture

King too rich in this imaginative sleeper

Business | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture

Dreaming away in a treehouse bed

Business | Studio Jeroen, Bespoke Furniture

Extensive dining with the whole family