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Bunk Bed Plywood


Sustainability is in our fibres and therefore we already think during design about the impact of the materials we use and what happens when the furniture is superfluous.

That is why we carefully design our furniture before we start working our wood so that we can make maximum use of every plank and thus reduce our waste. By producing everything to order, we not only reduce our energy consumption, but also minimize our waste by never buying excess raw materials.

We are constantly looking for the latest environmentally friendly non-toxic raw materials. We only use natural, sustainable and recycled products; from the wood and veneer to non-toxic glue and oils based on natural ingredients. It goes without saying that we use wood with an FSC quality mark, ECO quality mark or a native wood species, which means that we support the preservation of tropical forests and biodiversity.

We automatically enter into the obligation to take back furniture made by us, in order to give it a new purpose. This means that we are going to look for a new place for the furniture or that we turn the cabinet into a table, for example.

With each piece of furniture, all materials used are recognizable, so that it can easily be reused. We make a furniture passport for each piece of furniture in which everything about the furniture can be found.