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With our online shop we want to help consumers make a sustainable choice in the field of interior design. By doing business together with Studio Jeroen you can grow your company faster and make the world a bit more sustainable together!

  • Pay only for your sold items
  • You decide when you start creating & sending
  • Deposit options for partial payment of items
  • An (extra) online store without start-up costs

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Sell in 4 steps via Studio Jeroen

1. Check if your offer is suitable

Your range is manufactured in the Netherlands, consists of natural or recycled materials and is made to last.

2. Sign up

This can be done as a private individual or with a business account

3. We will contact you within 4 working days

We’ll go through all the important details with you so you can get off to a flying start

4. Start selling

Your assortment will be added and you can start selling

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